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The water lock rebuilt in 1942 after the bombardment by the Germans on May 11-1940 and demolished in 1996. A gate culverts and later a water lock has always been a connection between peat stream Alblas and river Noord since the embankment that started in 1277.


In 2010 a citizens’ intiative merged parallel with the redevelopment of Haven Zuid. The citizens felt that a working water lock has a positive effect on the development of Have Zuid.

In 2013 a foundation (Stichting Schutsluis Alblasserdam) (SSA) was registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Rotterdam as non-governemental organization (ngo) to be able to communicate with Munipality Alblasserdam, Waterboard Rivierenland and Province South-Holland.

The foundation prepared an action plan for the reconstruction of the water lock with a social cost benefit analysis and a multi-criteria analysis. The plan was accepted by the Municipal Board but rejected.

In 2019 a citizens’ initiative was presented to Municipal Council to reroute the primary dike water defence to protect the centre of the village.

Practical Integration / Service learning

Due to these initiatives students from Rotterdam University of Applied Technolgy (RUAT) and Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management / Business-Social Management (EUR/RSM/B-SM) designed the water lock as a Practice Integration (PI) project and advised the foundation as a Minor Service Learning (SL) project.


Arie den Boer, one of the founding fathers of the foundation (SSA), started a PhD research about ‘ citizen participation for water heritage in built environment’.

Rural 3.0

The foundation as non-profit organization (NGO) became Rural Partner for Erasmus University in Rural 3.0. NGO Stichting Schutsluis Alblasserdam (Netherlands) will share the experience and expertise in preparing action plans for the rural development, including many stakeholders: public administration, village council, politicians, residents, civil society.


Stichting Schutsluis Alblasserdam (SSA) is specialised in consultancy for water heritage in built environment with a focus on Alblasserwaard.