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This project is carried out by municipalities Alblasserdam and Molenlanden.


The municipalities of Alblasserdam, Molenlanden and Province of Zuid-Holland have jointly taken the initiative for "The Area Alliance". This alliance is working together to draw up an area perspective. At present, various plans, projects and visions are being discussed, which lack of coherence and prioritization. Established documents such as MIRT A5H, area vision, established ambition in the port area Alblasserdam and the vision at the Centre Heart of Alblasserdam, Vision on Recreation of Municipality Alblasserdam, Management Report SWEK (Foundation World Heritage Kinderdijk) and the Zoning plan Kinderdijk (Including the Council motions adopted) form the basis. The aim is to establish a strategic vision that provides a basis for an integrated approach to the vision and plans surrounding the windmill area of Kinderdijk and beyond. This perspective connects the area development Kinderdijk with other societal, spatial and economic developments at local, regional and national level. This also offers the opportunity to agenda the area development Kinderdijk both provincial and at the national level and mobilise resources (“Opdrachtomschrijving Gebiedsperspectief Kinderdijk- Alblasserdam” 2017).

This project covers a large territory and deals with many tangible and intangible issue’s.

What can be learned from other projects (Rijk 2001).

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